Wild Threads: Unveiling FL Camo- Pete Agarty's Artistic Inspiration

Wild Threads: Unveiling FL Camo- Pete Agarty's Artistic Inspiration



In the heart of Jupiter, Florida, Captain Kenny's Fishing & Hunting has evolved into a community hub, connecting outdoor enthusiasts and providing a haven for those seeking the best in fishing and hunting gear. Today, we shift the spotlight to a pivotal partnership that has transformed the store's identity—FL Camo, founded by local artist and avid hunter Pete Agarty.

Unveiling FL Camo: A Local Gem

Captain Kenny's now proudly features FL Camo, an exclusive brand founded by Pete Agardy, offering a range of hunting camouflage designed for Florida's unique terrain and climate.

A Tribute to Kenny's Legacy

Captain Kenny's transformation into a haven for both fishing and hunting was not just a strategic move—it was a heartfelt tribute to Kenny, the store's beloved founder, who earned the title "captain" through his passion, character, and generosity.

The Evolution of Captain Kenny's

From its roots as Jupiter Farms Bait and Tackle to the expansive Captain Kenny's, the store has grown into a comprehensive resource for outdoor enthusiasts, now boasting a diverse range of products and services.

Live Shrimp: A Game-Changer in Fishing

Introducing live shrimp as bait, Captain Kenny's aims to enhance the fishing experience, offering a natural and effective option for saltwater anglers. The store's commitment to quality bait reflects its dedication to providing the best tools for success.

FL Camo: A Marriage of Art and Functionality

Pete Agardy's designs for FL Camo are inspired by the beauty and diversity of Florida's wildlife and landscapes. The gear not only blends seamlessly with nature but also reflects the passion of a local artist who intimately understands the environment.

Expert Staff: Your Guides in the Outdoors

The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Captain Kenny's are more than just salespeople—they are outdoor enthusiasts ready to assist customers in choosing the right equipment and techniques for their fishing or hunting trips.

Community Engagement: Beyond the Store Shelves

Captain Kenny's is not merely a store; it is a community of outdoor lovers. From fishing tournaments to rental programs, the store actively engages its customers, fostering a sense of camaraderie among those who share a love for the great outdoors.

Growing into the Hunting Category

Captain Kenny's recent expansion into the hunting category is a testament to its commitment to being a one-stop-shop for outdoor needs. The addition of FL Camo apparel, optics, archery, and other gear further cements the store's position as a comprehensive resource for hunters.

Exclusive Partnership with Pete Agardy

Captain Kenny's is proud to announce its partnership with Pete Agardy, making the store the flagship retail location for FL Camo. Customers can explore and purchase Pete's exclusive line of products, showcasing the best in local hunting gear.

Visit Captain Kenny's Today

With its cozy design and layout, Captain Kenny's invites outdoor enthusiasts to explore its expanded space. Whether you're a seasoned angler or an aspiring hunter, the store has something for everyone.


As Captain Kenny's continues to evolve, the partnership with FL Camo stands out as a symbol of the store's dedication to providing the best for its community. Pete Agardy's artistic inspiration adds a unique touch to the local hunting scene, blending functionality with the beauty of Florida's outdoors. Visit Captain Kenny's and be a part of the vibrant community that celebrates the spirit of adventure and camaraderie.

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