Saturday, May 11th

Saturday, May 11th

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Captain Kenny's Offshore™

Captain Kenny's Offshore™

by Pete Agardy

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Live Shrimp and Shiners every day! There's a reason we are your favorite bait shop.

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A community of outdoor lovers who want you to have the best experience possible.

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The widest selection of fishing and hunting gear in Jupiter Florida.

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Our expert staff are ready to help you gear up for your next adventure!


The proud flagship store for FL Camo open now, with the widest selection of hunting gear in Jupiter. Come check out our brand new hunting store; after months of planning, construction is finally complete! 


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NLBN in store now! Come in for the largest assortment of NLBN in Jupiter, shop in store for a wide range of colors and sizes across the latest hot NLBN products.

Convenient location

Captain Kenny's is situated in a prime location, close to popular outdoor destinations such as Riverbend Park National Reserve and J.W. Corbett Wildlife Area, as well as vacation spots in West Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Stuart. This makes it easy to stop by and pick up any gear or supplies needed for your outdoor adventure.

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You have questions, we have answers.

Do you have live bait available?

Yes, we do have live bait available at our store. We carry a variety of live bait options such as shrimp, shiners, worms, minnows, crickets and more, to cater to the different types of fish in the area.

Our knowledgeable staff can also assist you in selecting the appropriate live bait for your specific fishing needs and location. Please feel free to ask for any assistance or advice on the best live bait options for your fishing trip.

Are you close to popular outdoor destinations?

Yes, we are conveniently located near popular outdoor destinations such as Riverbend Park National Reserve, J.W. Corbett Wildlife Area, and Lake Okeechobee. These locations are known for their freshwater fishing and camping opportunities and are frequented by visitors from all over the state.

In addition, we are also close to saltwater spots in and near the ocean, making it the perfect place to stop and pick up any gear or supplies needed for a fun and successful outdoor adventure. We pride ourselves in being easily accessible for all outdoor enthusiasts.

Can I fish at state parks? Do I need a fishing license?

Fishing locations are abundant in Florida's state parks. Check the individual park's webpage for specific information.

Is hunting allowed in Florida State Parks?

Florida's state parks are managed as natural systems. All plant and animal life is protected in state parks. Limited hunting with a special permit from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is allowed at Rock Springs Run State Reserve, Cedar Key Scrub State Reserve and the Marshall Swamp area of the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway.

To fully enjoy the experience of visiting a wilderness area it is recommended that you contact the reserves in advance of your visit.

Are you hosting any fishing tournaments?

Yes, we do host fishing tournaments for those looking to compete and test their skills. These tournaments offer a fun and exciting way for anglers of all levels to enjoy their passion and potentially take home some great prizes.

We try to organize these events regularly and update our customers through social media, website, or in-store. Please check our website or social media pages for the upcoming tournament schedule or feel free to contact us for more information.

We also welcome suggestions and feedback for future tournaments.

Do you carry any other outdoor equipment?

Yes, we do carry other outdoor equipment in addition to our wide range of hunting and fishing gear. We understand that outdoor enthusiasts have different needs and preferences, so we have expanded our selection to cater to those needs.

We carry camping gear, outdoor clothing, hiking boots and backpacks, binoculars and other outdoor accessories. We strive to provide our customers with everything they need for a successful outdoor adventure.

Our knowledgeable staff are always available to help you find the right gear and equipment for your specific needs. Feel free to ask for any assistance or advice on the best gear options for your outdoor trip. If we don't have it in store, we are always happy to source the products you need for you!

What is the best time of year to hunt/fish in the area?

The best time of year to hunt and fish in the area can vary depending on the species and location. It is important to check with the local authorities or Fish and Wildlife department for the specific hunting and fishing season dates and regulations. However, in general, the hunting seasons for Florida usually falls between late September and early February.

Deer hunting season usually runs from late September to early January. Turkey hunting season usually runs from late March to May. Duck and goose hunting season usually runs from November to January. Squirrel hunting season usually runs from late summer to early winter. Rabbit and quail hunting season usually runs from late fall to early winter.

As for fishing, it also depends on the species of fish and the location. Typically, some fish species are more active in certain seasons and weather conditions, so it is a good idea to check the local fishing report for the current fish activity.

Our knowledgeable staff can also provide you with advice on the best time of year to hunt/fish in the area based on their experience and local knowledge.

Can I fly a drone in a Florida State Park?

Launching and/or landing a drone is prohibited within Florida State Parks except in very rare circumstances. The portion of the Florida Administrative Code that governs the operation of Florida State Parks (Chapter 62D-2.014, F.A.C.) states:

(15) Aircraft. No person operating or responsible for any aircraft, glider, balloon, parachute or other aerial apparatus shall cause any such apparatus to take off from or land in any park except in an emergency when human life is endangered or where a designated landing facility may exist on park property.

The Florida Park Service includes drones in the category of "other aerial apparatus.” Currently, we do not have guest-accessible landing facilities in any Florida state park.

The primary reason for our very limited occasions of drone use (i.e., mainly as a tool for rescue or reviewing areas impacted by natural disaster) is because our mission as part of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection requires us to take into consideration the preservation of natural resources.

It has been observed that nesting birds view drones as potential predators and are likely to abandon nests or avoid otherwise ideal habitat areas if drones have been regularly spotted in those locations. We do not want this to occur within our park conservation areas, which are intended to be sanctuaries for our native wildlife.

What types of equipment do you recommend for beginners?

For beginners, we recommend starting with the essential gear that is easy to use and maintain. For fishing, a simple rod and reel combo with a tackle box, containing a few basic lures, hooks and sinkers, is a great way to start. A good quality fishing net is also a must-have for beginners, as it helps with landing the fish.

For hunting, we recommend starting with a good quality hunting weapon or bow, appropriate ammunition and a hunting backpack to carry essentials like water, snacks, and first aid kit. Camo clothing and boots are also important, and a good quality hunting knife is a must-have.

We recommend beginners to start with basic equipment and slowly upgrade as they gain more experience and confidence in the sport. Our knowledgeable staff are always happy to assist beginners in selecting the right equipment for their specific needs and budget. We also encourage beginners to sign up to our blog and email list to receive tips and educational articles to learn the basic skills and knowledge of hunting and fishing.

Do you offer rental equipment?

Yes we offer equipment and gear for rent! We understand that some customers may not want to purchase gear or might want to try out a product before they make a purchase decision, if you are visiting the area, we have the perfect rod rental program for you.

We are constantly working to improve our services, and we are always happy to help you find the right gear for your needs.

Do you have a customer service phone number?

Yes, we do have a customer service phone number. Our customer service team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

You can reach our staff by calling 561-203-7362, we are available during business hours every day to help you with any inquiry you may have. Whether you have questions about a product, need help placing an order, or have a question about a recent purchase, our team of local professionals are here to help. We value our customers and strive to provide the best service possible.

Are you permitted to take any items found within a Florida State Park?

Per Chapter 62.D, F.A.C., no person shall destroy, injure, deface, mar, move, dig, harmfully disturb or remove from any park area, or the waters thereof, any buildings, structures, facilities, historic ruins, equipment, park property, soil, sand, gravel, rocks, stones, minerals, marine plants or animals, artifacts or other materials. No person shall cut, carve, injure, mutilate, move, displace or break off any water bottom formation or growth. Nor shall any person possess, break off or in any way damage any stalactites, stalagmites or other cave formations.

This rule means that one cannot gather firewood/kindling materials; forage for edibles; or remove plant/animal items such as driftwood, leaves/pine needles, feathers/bones or other animal products within a state park.

Exceptions to this rule are made only for research/academic study purposes, in cases where a collection permit has been issued by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

The other exception to the prohibition regarding collection and removal of items is if the items are empty seashells, sea glass or shark teeth found between the water line and toe of the sand dunes in coastal parks with beaches. Seashells with living creatures in them and live sand dollars should be left where they are and not removed.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed in state parks?

The only locations within our parks where alcohol can be consumed by persons age 21 and older are:

In specially designated areas such as:

In concessionaire-operated restaurants and lodges within Florida State Parks licensed to provide the sale of alcohol.

During state park-sanctioned special events where entrance and participant age are carefully monitored.

Consumption of alcohol is not permitted in public locations within state parks, including beaches, tubing/paddling areas, or first-come first-serve picnic areas.