Stylish in the Swamp: FL Camo's Local Flair

Stylish in the Swamp: FL Camo's Local Flair


Step into the heart of Florida's wilderness with FL Camo, a brand that transcends traditional camouflage. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the unique fusion of style and functionality that FL Camo brings to Captain Kenny's Fishing & Hunting.

The FL Camo Experience

A Local Touch of Wilderness

Discover the aesthetic brilliance of FL Camo, a local brand founded by Pete Agardy, a renowned artist and avid hunter.
Immerse yourself in designs inspired by the diverse beauty of Florida's wildlife and landscapes.

A Flagship Retail Experience

Captain Kenny’s is proud to be the flagship retail location for FL Camo, bringing you an exclusive selection of products designed for the local terrain and climate.
Explore the store's cozy design and layout, providing the perfect backdrop for showcasing FL Camo's stylish creations.

Functional Fashion for the Outdoors

FL Camo goes beyond fashion – it's about functionality. Dive into the gear designed to blend seamlessly with nature, enhancing your outdoor experience.
FL Camo's Collaboration with Captain Kenny's

A Partnership for Nature Lovers

Understand the collaboration between FL Camo and Captain Kenny's, where two brands committed to the outdoors come together.
Explore how this partnership enhances the store's offerings, creating a haven for both fishing and hunting enthusiasts.

From Canvas to Clothing: Pete Agardy’s Vision

Delve into the creative mind of Pete Agardy, the artist behind FL Camo.
Learn how his vision translates into clothing that not only looks good but also serves a purpose in the wild.

Exploring FL Camo's Product Line

Camouflage Beyond Conventional

Break away from traditional camouflage patterns and embrace FL Camo's innovative designs.
Explore a range of products, from apparel to accessories, each telling a unique story of Florida's outdoors.

Exclusive FL Camo Apparel at Captain Kenny’s

Walk through the aisles of Captain Kenny's to discover the exclusive FL Camo apparel collection.
Find the perfect outfit that seamlessly combines style and utility for your next outdoor adventure.

Your Invitation to Style and Adventure

Expert Guidance at Captain Kenny's

Meet the knowledgeable staff at Captain Kenny's ready to guide you in choosing the right FL Camo gear for your outdoor pursuits.
Receive personalized recommendations based on your preferences and the demands of your next expedition.

Visit Captain Kenny’s Today

Plan your visit to Captain Kenny's, located at 9270 W Indiantown Rd, Jupiter, FL 33478, to experience the synergy of style and nature.
Immerse yourself in FL Camo's local flair and find the perfect blend of fashion and functionality.


FL Camo and Captain Kenny’s invite you to redefine your outdoor style. Embrace the wild elegance of FL Camo's local flair, where fashion meets functionality in the heart of Florida's wilderness at Captain Kenny's Fishing & Hunting. Step into the swamp with style!

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