FL Camo's Roots: Pete Agardy's Artistic Journey in Jupiter Farms

FL Camo's Roots: Pete Agardy's Artistic Journey in Jupiter Farms


Welcome to the heart of FL Camo, where artistic expression meets the untamed beauty of Florida's outdoors. In this community spotlight, we illuminate the journey of Pete Agarty, the visionary artist behind FL Camo, and the deep connection his creations share with the legacy of Captain Kenny.

Pete Agardy: Artist, Hunter, Local Legend

The Man Behind the Brand: Dive into the background of Pete Agardy, a renowned artist and avid hunter who found his muse in the diverse wildlife and landscapes of Florida. Explore how his passion culminated in the creation of FL Camo.

Journey to Jupiter Farms: Learn about Pete's connection to Jupiter Farms and Captain Kenny's Fishing & Hunting. Discover how the local community and the store have played a pivotal role in shaping the vision of FL Camo.

FL Camo: Blending Art and Nature

Inspiration from Florida's Wildlife

Flora and Fauna Masterpieces: Explore the FL Camo collection, where each design is a testament to Pete's artistic prowess. From vibrant depictions of native birds to the subtle textures inspired by Florida's foliage, each piece tells a story of the local ecosystem.

Connection to Captain Kenny's: Uncover the exclusive FL Camo products available at Captain Kenny's Fishing & Hunting. Pete Agardy's collaboration with the store brings his artistic vision to life, creating a unique fusion of art and outdoor lifestyle.

Community Engagement

FL Camo at Captain Kenny's: Experience the synergy between FL Camo and Captain Kenny's as the brand becomes an integral part of the store's offerings. Learn how Pete Agardy's creations contribute to the sense of community among outdoor enthusiasts.

Hunting Events and FL Camo: Discover how FL Camo participates in hunting events and tournaments hosted by Captain Kenny's, fostering a shared passion for the outdoors and celebrating the local hunting culture.

Visit Captain Kenny's for FL Camo

FL Camo Apparel at Your Fingertips: Head to Captain Kenny's store at 9270 W Indiantown Rd, Jupiter, FL 33478, to explore the extensive FL Camo collection. From camo gear to apparel, find the perfect pieces that embody the spirit of Florida's wildlife.

Exclusive FL Camo Offerings: Enjoy the privilege of discovering exclusive FL Camo products available only at Captain Kenny's Fishing & Hunting. Immerse yourself in the local flair that defines FL Camo's artistic creations.


As we wrap up this journey into the artistic world of FL Camo and Pete Agardy, it's clear that the brand is more than just camouflage—it's a celebration of local artistry, nature's wonders, and the tight-knit community fostered by Captain Kenny's Fishing & Hunting. Visit us, embrace the art, and be a part of the legacy that intertwines FL Camo with the vibrant spirit of Jupiter Farms.

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