Fishing and Beyond: Captain Kenny's - More Than Just a Store

Fishing and Beyond: Captain Kenny's - More Than Just a Store


Dive into the world of Captain Kenny's Fishing & Hunting, where the pursuit of outdoor passion transcends the typical retail experience. This article takes you on a journey beyond fishing, exploring the heart and soul of Captain Kenny's—more than just a store.

From Bait to Community Hub: The Captain Kenny's Evolution

Trace the remarkable evolution of Captain Kenny's from its inception as Jupiter Farms Bait and Tackle to its current status as a comprehensive hub for outdoor enthusiasts. The store's growth symbolizes its commitment to meeting the diverse needs of the community.

Live Shrimp: Elevating the Fishing Experience

Explore the recent addition of live shrimp to Captain Kenny's inventory. Learn why live bait is a game-changer in saltwater fishing and how it enhances the overall fishing experience. The commitment to quality bait reflects the store's dedication to providing the best tools for success.

FL Camo: Artistry Blended with Functionality

Step into the world of FL Camo, the local brand founded by Pete Agardy and showcased at Captain Kenny's. Pete's artistic designs, inspired by Florida's wildlife, create a unique fusion of art and functionality. Discover how FL Camo is more than just apparel—it's a statement of local pride.

Expert Staff: Your Partners in Outdoor Exploration

Meet the expert staff at Captain Kenny's—enthusiasts who go beyond the role of sales associates. They are knowledgeable guides, ready to offer personalized tips, whether you're embarking on a fishing expedition or delving into the new hunting section.

A Community Hub: Where Passion Meets Camaraderie

Captain Kenny's is not merely a retail space; it's a thriving community hub. Engage with fellow outdoor enthusiasts, participate in fishing tournaments, and experience the sense of camaraderie that sets the store apart. Discover how the community extends beyond the store shelves.

Store Pickup Convenience: No Waiting, Exclusive Offers

Opt for store pickup at Captain Kenny's and experience the convenience of immediate access to your gear. No shipping fees, no waiting for delivery—plus, unlock exclusive offers and services when you choose store pickup.

Redesign and Expansion: Creating a Cozy Haven

Explore the redesigned and expanded space at Captain Kenny's. The store's layout is not just about merchandise but creating a cozy atmosphere. The transformation reflects a commitment to offering customers a welcoming and comfortable space for their outdoor pursuits.

Hunting Section: A New Frontier in Outdoor Adventures

Discover the recent expansion into the hunting category at Captain Kenny's. From optics to archery, the new section caters to a broader spectrum of outdoor enthusiasts. Expert staff are on hand to guide customers through this exciting addition.


Captain Kenny's Fishing & Hunting stands as a testament to a passion that extends far beyond the aisles of a typical store. It's a community hub, a source of inspiration, and a destination where outdoor enthusiasts gather to celebrate the spirit of adventure. Visit Captain Kenny's and discover the allure of a place that is truly "More Than Just a Store."

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