Embark Your Outdoor Adventure with Captain Kenny's:Explore and Gear Up Today!

Embark Your Outdoor Adventure with Captain Kenny's:Explore and Gear Up Today!


At the crossroads of passion and nature lies Captain Kenny's Fishing & Hunting, a beacon for outdoor enthusiasts in Jupiter Farms, Florida. In this article, we invite you to step into the world of Captain Kenny's and discover why it's your ultimate destination for all things outdoor. From the recent addition of live shrimp bait to the dynamic partnership with FL Camo, and the expansion into hunting gear, we've got everything you need to make your outdoor adventures unforgettable.

Captain Kenny's: Where Outdoor Dreams Begin

Captain Kenny's Fishing & Hunting, previously known as Jupiter Farms Bait and Tackle, is a store with a rich history and a strong sense of community.
Nestled in the heart of Jupiter Farms, it's strategically located near some of the best fishing and hunting destinations, offering easy access to outdoor enthusiasts.

Live Shrimp Bait: Elevate Your Fishing Game

Our latest addition, live shrimp bait, is a game-changer for saltwater fishing. Explore the benefits of using live shrimp as bait for attracting a variety of fish species.
Experience firsthand why live shrimp outperform frozen or artificial bait in saltwater environments.

Fishing Gear: Your Comprehensive Resource

Dive into our wide selection of fishing gear, suitable for both beginners and seasoned anglers. Whether you need live bait, frozen bait, tackle, maintenance tools, or equipment rentals, we've got you covered.
Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand to assist you with your fishing and hunting needs.

FL Camo: Embrace the Wild with Style

The local brand FL Camo, founded by Pete Agarty, captures the essence of Florida's diverse wildlife and landscapes in its apparel.
Discover the range of FL Camo products that not only blend in seamlessly with nature but also reflect your passion for the outdoors.

Hunting Gear: Your One-Stop Shop

Captain Kenny's expansion includes a new hunting section featuring a wide range of hunting gear, optics, camo, archery supplies, and equipment.
Leupold, Sig Sauer, and other top brands are part of our extensive hunting gear collection, waiting for you to explore.

Expert Advice: Your Guiding Light

Rely on our expert staff to help you choose the right equipment and techniques for your outdoor trips. They consider factors like the season, location, weather, and the species you're targeting.
Get insider tips on the best fishing and hunting spots near Jupiter Farms and Palm Beach, participate in fishing tournaments, and explore our convenient rental program for visitors.

Store Pickup: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Choose store pickup to eliminate shipping fees, avoid waiting for delivery, and enjoy exclusive offers and services that come with in-store collection.

Conclusion: Captain Kenny's – Your Gateway to Outdoor Adventure

Captain Kenny's Fishing & Hunting is more than a store; it's a community of like-minded outdoor lovers who share a common passion for nature and the great outdoors.
As we continue to evolve, offering more products and services, we remain committed to providing outdoor enthusiasts with everything they need for memorable adventures.
We invite you to visit us at 9270 W Indiantown Rd, Jupiter, FL 33478, seven days a week from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM. Explore our store, meet our dedicated staff, and gear up for your next outdoor expedition. Your adventure begins at Captain Kenny's – come and experience it for yourself!

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